Martial arts in Cheshire, Sport Kung Fu

Sport Kung Fu is a martial arts style and group currently based in Runcorn, Cheshire, having held classes around Cheshire and Wirral for a number of years. Sport Kung Fu is a martial arts style that has been developed to be highly effective based on numerous traditional styles of Kung Fu and many years or martial arts experience.

Sport kung fu students have won just about every major title in open competition over the past 20 years.

Including the men’s over 80kilo E.M.A European championship 2010 was won by a sport kung fu student.

Sport Kung Fu meet at The Heath Business park, Weston point Runcorn on Tuesday 6.30-8pm and Friday at 5:30pm – 7pm/

Membership includes licence and insurance and costs £20 p.a.

Members pay £5 per lesson

Every lesson is different but will include physical exercise, practice practical technique and sparring.

Sport kung is mainly about winning in competition but will also include defence against weapons, multi opponents, pad work and lots of other things too.

Martial arts is not for everyone but if your going to do it why not have fun while you learn.

Your destiny is choice not chance.